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The ONNO collection is now available in Canada


Never leave a burning candle unattended. Leave space around your candle and away from anything that could could catch fire. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Always place candles on heat resistant surface.


Before buring always trim the wicks to ¼ inch. This will also help to prevent the candle from tunneling. Keep the wax free of wick trimmings and matches.


Candle snuffers are the safest way to extinsh a candle. Always remember, hot wax can burn. Never blow forcefully to extinguish the candle. Never burn a candle all the way to the bottom. Leave approximately ½ inch of wax for safety reasons.


Created and inspired by the colours and fragrances of nature, your candle is a decorative piece of art in your home and will continue to be so long after it’s been burned. Use your imagination and enjoy these unique ‘one of a kind’ objects for a lifetime.


Always burn in well ventilated room and always monitor your candles. To prolong the life of your candle always burn at least until the entire surface has become liquid. Candle containers can become very hot and overheat if they burn for too long so always monitor your candles. Never touch or move a candle while it is burning or while the wax is liquefied.


When the wicks are too long, black smoke may appear so regularly check the wick size of the candle when burning for a longer period of time. Extinguish if necessary. Regulory clean the inside of the candle to avoid soot. Soot can result into candle fire! always monitor your candles.

Safety + Care

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